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Please send me money!!!!

I am sure you are asking yourself, what the hell is this guy up to?? I am still asking myself that same question..Yes, there are many other people trying to get rich on the net..Hey, i'm no different, I've got my needs too..But my needs surpass others' needs, I have tuition to pay..

Here's the deal..This is a page set up for many reasons..The first reason this page has been set up is for a test..The second reason is to see just how much money can be made..The third reason is to support myself at college..(Actually, I guess the third reason is the most important)

Please send all generous donations to:


Money Fund

34187 Battle Beach Rd.

Franklin, VA 23851

Ok, pretend you decide to send me a dollar..What do you get? That is a very good question..The answer is simple..Anyone who sends me a dollar gets a link to thier own page posted on this site for good..But that's not all..There's more..The tenth dollar I get, whoever sends it, I will send five dollars..I will send ten to whoever sends me the twentieth..You get the idea..You probably think this is crazy..Well whoever sends me the one thousandth dollar won't think so..You do the math,,this can go on forever........

Enter the Send Me A Dollar Giveaway!!

For just the cost of only one dollar, you can enter your name in our sweepstakes giveaway..A prize of Fifty US Dollars will be awarded to the name drawn at the end of each month..The winner will be notified by email with instrustions to claim thier prize..


Next Drawing Date: March 29, 1999


I ask myself all the time, who would send me money?? Well, honestly I don't think that anyone, not one person will send me one dollar, Someone, please prove me wrong..

Wanna see all of the generous contributors to this wonderful site, click here!!!!!!!!!

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