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Hey, there are generous people in this world!!!

This is a list of all of the wonderful people (in the correct order in which i received thier contribution)who have contributed to this site:

1... Marcus Hartup--Baltimore, Maryland---------------------------------First Dollar Received!!

2... Jon Tess--Chicago, Illinois

3... Mary Whitehead--Erie, Pennsylvania

4... George McClean--Suffolk, Virginia

5... Ermon Crowder--Staton Island, New York

6... Jerry Thompson--Waco, Texas

7... Ralph Fischer--Salem, Virginia

8... Susan Worthington--New Port Ritchie, Flordia

9... Lisa Elderidge--Hershey, Pennsylvania

10. Amber Jordan--Camden, Ohio--------------------------------------Winner of $5.00 Prize!!!!

11. Thomas Hampden--Tulsa, Oklahoma

12. Patricia Morris--Omaha, Nebraska

13. Sally Hunter--Atlanta, Georgia

14. Daryl Miles-- Petersburg, Virginia






20. Who will be the lucky $10 dollar winner???

Grand Total (March 13, 1999)


Thank you so much for contributing to this fund..

Each person on the list is eligible for the monthly contest prize of $50 dollars!!!!!!!!!













Cale Gilley 1999